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Finish rolling thread steel anchor installation steps
Oct 13, 2016

1, the first manufacturers of fine rolled twisted bars rolling rebar into the bellows, bellow is the last of the prestressing steel in prestressed concrete structure a protective barrier to prevent hazardous substances pollution of fine rolled twisted steel, corrosion, with endurance performance, can greatly enhance anti-fatigue ability of components, thus ensuring durability of prestressed structure is better.
2, when after finishing rolling rebar into the bellows and end a spiral reinforcement in reinforced and welding a steel pipes up, fixed with this spiral reinforcement and avoid slipping. construction vertical rolling thread steel bar is inserted again prepared to pour concrete on the finishing ribbed with spiral reinforcement.
3, the corrugated pipe with spiral reinforcement and fixed as soon as one has spiral reinforcement with steel supporting plate is screwed into the side, then screw in a nut.
4, place one end of the exhaust pipe in the corrugated tube and sealed on one end tied up finishing steel manufacturers of fine rolled twisted bar at the other end, one end longer than the unbound rolling rebar.

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