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Finishing steel tensioning of the standard details
Oct 13, 2016

1. prestressed duct
Bellows embedded should be checked for holes, such as holes or patches in a timely manner. corrugated pipe joints firmly to prevent disconnection when pouring concrete or block into pulp.? Exhaust pipe to be buried.
2. getting ready for a stretch
Strength design of concrete strength of the precast beams, clear the anchor plate flange surface of cement, remove pad and cement and corrugated tube blockage, check the Grouting holes and Grouting hole open, clear the pre-stressed reinforced concrete, rust and dirt.
3. anchor installation
Clips installed anchor ring, clamp, clamp hose sleeve tight, strength should be consistent and uniform finish rolling rebar installed nut to ensure Zhang Laduan has enough length to tension.
4. tension
Before tensioning, electric pumps, along with Jack in an empty load twice to check the machine's functioning and tensioning operation in the following order: installation of initial stress--stress.

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