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Four types of finish rolling ribbed sleeve
Oct 13, 2016

1. for rebar are too long and dense, not turning a connection long sleeve. Connection sleeve all in advance on twisted into a long twisted, and is screwed into the end of twisted, turn the reinforcement piece to a ring lock connector, optional standard connection sleeve.
2. for possible free rotation. using iron bars to cause each other opposite the lock bridge end of the piece. Should choose the standard socket or adjustable connection Sockets.
3. for rebar cannot turn the requirements regulating the internal force of steel, such as construction joints, after pouring. Connection sleeve with positive and negative threaded, loosen or tighten the two in the direction of a rotating bar, first with positive and negative threaded connection sleeve.
4. for steel cannot be turned, such as bending steel bars, as well as bridges, reinforcing cage of filling pile dock. Will lock and connecting sleeve screwed into the longer thread in advance, and then screwed into the other end spirally, with lock locks the connection sleeve. the choice of standard or enlarged lips connecting sleeve and lock.

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