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Ingredients of fine rolled twisted bars
Oct 13, 2016

1. rational use of fine rolled twisted bar joint
On has joint of ingredients, in meet component in the joint of on welding or take received length, joint staggered of premise Xia, must according to steel raw materials of length to consider joint of layout. to full consider raw materials was cut down of a length of reasonable using, if can makes a root steel just into several paragraph steel of Xia material length, is is best programme. but often to do, so in ingredients Shi, to as to using was cut Xia of a can long some, such only not makes more than material became waste, makes steel can get full using.
2. organize the same specifications and material of fine rolled twisted bars
Cutting length calculation after the same sizes and material combinations of rolling screw thread steel bar for consolidation and, based upon the existing length of fine rolled twisted bar and can be and is a reasonable purchase to the length of the bars when machining.
3. the finishing ribbed hot details
Ingredients calculation Shi, to consider fine rolling thread steel of shape and size in meet design requirements of premise Xia, to conducive to processing installation. ingredients Shi, to consider construction need of additional fine rolling thread steel. as Board double fine rolling thread steel in the guarantee upper fine rolling thread steel location of support feet, and Pier wall double fine rolling thread steel in the fixed steel spacing of support iron, and fine rolling thread steel skeleton increased four oblique support.

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