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Principle of fine rolled twisted bar connection
Oct 13, 2016

1. in the same span, or on the same floor of the same reinforcement should be less joints, not set 2 or 2 or more connectors.
2. axial tension and little eccentric lever (lever on the truss and Arch) not be used in the longitudinal reinforcement binding lap joints.
3. rolling thread steel recommended that you finish rolling rebar joint force should be set up in a smaller Office, win away from key parts of the larger force structure. seismic design to avoid the end Stirrup of beam and column encryption scope, such as in the region must be connected, you should use mechanical joint or welding.
4. when the diameter of the tensile reinforcement d>25mm and when compression reinforcement diameter d>28mm, should be applied to banding lap joints.
5. the joints should be staggered, connections within connector bar area percentages should be limited to a certain range.

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