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Difficulties Of Finishing Steel Industry In China
Oct 13, 2016

According to the rolling rebar coherent data, China's steel industry December 2014 benefit is worse than the previous two years, January key statistical units are running at a deficit, losing amounting to 1 billion yuan, corporate loss of up to 43%, a record, life more and more difficult for steel companies, transformation and upgrading, out of the current dilemma is placed in front of all iron and steel enterprise the most urgent thing.
Because heavy industry's demand for finished steel, bearing on the environment has also brought increasing pressure, thus everyone looks forward to more and more urgent to upgrade, transformation and upgrading of industries without delay. Transformation and upgrading of the steel industry and green development is a long-term process involving, in reality can not be singles a walls, must form a "combined". By compressing the excess capacity, mergers and reorganization, transformation and upgrading of the product, transferring excess capacity and many other ways, free market space, so can have excellent development of the iron and steel industry.

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