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Mill Thread Mill Tutor You Bar Stacked
Oct 13, 2016

1. must be banned near the duo store items have a corrosive effect on steel, Duo bottom should be elevated, solid, smooth, preventing damp or deformation of materials, the same kind of material by stacking respectively, ease of execution to the first principle.
2. on the stack is the principle requirement in stacking stability, ensuring security conditions, in order to prevent confusion and corrosion. According to the varieties, specifications for stacking, stacking different kinds of materials to be respectively.
3. angle steel, channel steel air storage should be put down, the mouth down, I should state, I Groove steel cannot face up.
4. air storage steel, must have wood pads or stone, Duo face slightly tilted, and that materials placed straight to prevent bending.
5. stacking height, manual operation is not more than 1.2m, operation does not exceed 1.5M, Duo wide and no more than 2.5M, there is a channel between the duo and Duo, examining 0.5M road, depending on channel size depending on the material and transport machinery, usually 1.5~2.0M.

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