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Overall Domestic Coke Price Steadied The Market Good Support Is Limited
Oct 13, 2016

PetroChina and CNOOC, Northwest of Urumqi petrochemical company of petroleum coke prices continue to hold steady, the factory's coking plant has not actually started, the current daily output of 300 tons of petroleum coke; dushanzi petrochemical company of petroleum coke shipments, the factory's daily output of about 700 tons of petroleum coke, in stock; g petroleum coke petrochemical trading well, mainly Silicon plant and raw materials. Daqing and Fushun in Northeast China were flat trading of petroleum coke petrochemical, Jinzhou petrochemical good, Jilin petrochemical-free trading of sulfur in coke continues to pressure. CNOOC, petrochemical Coker 8.24-9.6 daily production of about 700 tons of Zhoushan, sea of asphalt in binzhou petrochemical shipments of petroleum coke good prices continue to hold steady.
Refining of petroleum coke market:
Today, Shandong smelting production amounted to 18160 tonnes of petroleum coke and starts 56.99%. Today, overall trading was stable, coke, coke prices have stopped falling, but push up the resistance is still large. Today only sea right petrochemical Coke price slightly push rose 20 Yuan/tons, WINS star chemical early contract has implementation finished, currently production sulfur content 2.8-3.0% Zhijian oil Coke, vanadium 500 around, preliminary is expected to sold 700 Yuan/tons; Shandong Asia pass petrochemical new out low sulfur Coke sulfur content 1% within, vanadium 150 around, sold 950 Yuan/tons, original 2#B oil Coke also more than few inventory sale; East China Dragon trade coking device production sponge Coke, sulfur content 5% around, quotes 600 Yuan/tons, Transaction quantity discount Shandong Jincheng petrochemical 2#100 million tons/year of Coke at 8.20 downtime, and petroleum coke has no stock suspension offers.

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