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Steel Production Process
Oct 13, 2016

Rebar is produced by rolling, rolling the main types: continuous, semi-continuous, and transversal type. New and used in the world of continuous bar mill of majority. Popular high speed rolling of steel bar mill with universal steel mills and 4 slit high yield steel mill.
Blanks are generally used in small section continuous rolling mill for continuous casting billet and its side length is generally 130~160mm, General 6~12 meters in length, weighing 1.5~3 tons of billet. Rolling line for flat-state alternate arrangements achieve full line of torsion-free rolling. According to stock specifications and finished product size 18, 20, 22, 24 small Mills, 18 for the mainstream. Bar rolling the use of walking-beam heating furnace, high pressure water descaling, rolling, rolling and other new technology at low temperature, roughing, medium rolling mill to accommodate large billets and improve the accuracy of rolling direction, finishing mill is mainly to increase accuracy and speed (up to 18m/s). Product specifications generally ф 10-40mm or φ 6-32mm or φ 12-50mm. Production of steel markets need a lot of low-medium-high carbon steel, low alloy steel; the highest rolling speed: 18m/s.

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